RSS Viewer - Frdlweb.js Component

Display merged RSS Feed items in random order (example limited to 60 items displayed initially, loads more on scrolling):

<div webfan-rss-feeds="" webfan-rss-headline="h3" webfan-rss-max-items="60"></div>

The webfan.js has to be injected to run the component.

Customize item sorting

There are 3 modes of sort order available:

  • rand : random order (default)
  • asc: oldest items first
  • desc: newest items first

You can configure the sorting by the webfan-rss-sorting-attribute of the component. 

Example to display neswest items first:

    <div webfan-rss-feeds=""
          webfan-rss-headline="h4" webfan-rss-max-items="5" webfan-rss-sorting="desc" style="max-height:1536px;"></div>


To provide the correct order by timestamps after merging the feeds, in the next version we will implement our @frdl/sortpackage! It is available via npm: 

npm i @frdl/sort

It is just not implemented yet due to my time on other projects.


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