webfan.js | Frdlweb.js Configuration Parameters

As you may have noticed we have appended the injection-Url for the webfan.js in the example by a “configuration query”:


These query-attributes are objects in the “dot-notation”. You can alter the query and it will be merged into the configuration object.

To get the defaults of the configuration object and to get wich attributes/members you can use/alter, you can read and study this file:


DEF.angularjs.html5mode.enabled = true; //null !== document.querySelector('base');

DEF.angularjs.html5mode.requireBase = null !== document.querySelector('base');

DEF.angularjs.html5mode.rewriteLinks = null !== document.querySelector('a[ui-sref]');

It will be compiled into every current webpack built.

You can edit this options runtime as described above.

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