Dynamic WEID namespace (“Class ?")

    Till Wehowski

    EDIT: This proposal is obsolet in favor of


    This proposal is about to give the possibility to create dynamic unregistered WEID-namespace / another one could say the oposite and mean/works as the same: To look up unregistered OID in a registered namespace.

    Given valid example:


    ----- Idea…
    //it has a namespace without any delimiter but this namespace is unregistered in the weid namespace registry
    weid:invalidunreistered:EXAMPLE-3  ---> (*3)
    weid:valid-parsable-as-namespace-weid-without-namespace-and-checkdigit:EXAMPLE-3         //it has "-" as delimiter

    -----Real world example…:

    • weid:smoke.tel:6Y0-4R-2 As the WEID-Namespaces delimiter is a dot “.” the namepace Type is domain. A domain “speaks for itself”, we can skip the discription of how to look up this variant here… .
    • weid:SX0-B:6Y0-4R-2 - Unregistered but valid WEID-Namespace!



    • We have the namespace SX0-B:
      • The namespace has NO checkdigit, INSTEAD the last digit “B” classifies the WEID-Type of the namespace. In our example it refers to B - a PEN OID.
      • So we have the WEID of our namespace, it is: weid:pen:SX0-1 We ignore the checkdigit!
    • We have the ID-part 6Y0-4R-2:
      • We just rewrite it from base 36 to decimal, so we have the “rest” part of the OID, it is 9000.171
    • The OID of weid:pen:SX0-1 is
    • Last we just concatenate the ns + id from above, so we got the final result:

    Why? What is the benefit?

    • The complete WEID to look up maybe not registered in the clients current look-up hop, but the namespace-id may be for it.
    • It may can shorten identifiers.


    What do you think???


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