RDAP - OID and Information Objects Extensions for RDAP

    Till Wehowski

    The WEID Consortium works on a RDAP implementation for OID-IP and OIDplus and/or other registries.

    Although the implementation is and will NOT be 100% RDAP-spec conform, I find it useful for several applications.

    Today I introduce some minor changes to the RDAP:

    1. objectClassName types

    Supported objectClassName types are currently: 



    1. Include "Information partially available" records

    Only objects wich are found are now included in the results per default.

     If you want to include records from registries with only partially information available, you can add the Query-String Parameter ?partially=include in your request. 

    Default: https://rdap.frdl.de/oid/

    With partially infos: https://rdap.frdl.de/oid/

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